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$ 66,99 (0-2 years of experience)
  • Resume Writing
  • Urgency: 7 days


$ 47,49 (2-5 years of experience)
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Urgency: 7 days


$ 98,49 (5+ years of experience)
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Urgency: 7 days

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Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams

University: Loughborough
Degree: Ph.D.
Specialist in: Finance and Accounting
Writing Experience: 5 years
Completed Orders: 178
Success Rate: 97%
I can offer you high-quality services in writing and editing a cover letter for admission, internship, job, etc. I know well the structure of this paper and the basic requirements for design. Ensure affordable prices.

Joseph Kellen

Joseph Kellen

University: Lancaster
Degree: Master`s
Specialist in: Mechanical Engineering
Writing Experience: 7 years
Completed Orders: 279
Success Rate: 99%
Are you studying in the mechanical engineering department and need an assistant to write your cover letter? I can really help you as I have deep knowledge and experience in this field. I will be glad to accommodate all your requirements for the execution of work.

Margaret Wall

Margaret Wall

University: Durham
Degree: Master`s
Specialist in: Biological Sciences
Writing Experience: 6 years
Completed Orders: 150
Success Rate: 98%
My advantage over other professionals is that I am very careful about my work. I try to fulfill the client's assignment very accurately paying attention to each requirement. Besides, I always strictly adhere to deadlines.

Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

University: Warwick
Degree: Ph.D.
Specialist in: Computing and IT
Writing Experience: 8 years
Completed Orders: 299
Success Rate: 99%
I am a specialist in the field of computer technology. But that's not all. I am also involved in writing and editing cover letters. I can help you with this assignment, especially if you are studying at the programming faculty. I guarantee profitable cooperation!

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We cover a range of services as diverse as these...

Resume Writing

A brief summary of your work experience to highlight all your skills, knowledge and experience. The content of the professional resume should not exceed one or two pages of size A4.

LinkedIn Profile

Choose us to make a professional Linkedin profile for you to optimize your online presence.

Cover Letter Writing

Cover letters often are as important as your resume or CV itself when applying for jobs. Trust it to our experts.

CV Writing 

Is required in a field of science, high education, research. A full list of academic achievements should be included in it.

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  • Follow-up Letter$30,99
  • Cover Letter Editing        $40,49
  • Resume Editing                 $71,99
  • CV Editing                          $71,99
  • LinkedIn Editing                $77,49


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Look through some popular questions about our service. Can’t find what you are looking for? Don't hesitate to contact our friendly support.

Cover Letters are usually required by employers. It is a way of highlighting your strong skills and motivation and to attract attention of the recruiters. Our experts will help you make an awesome Cover Letter!

Our professionals will do their best to provide you a superior service and meet your expectations. Every client’s profile is thoroughly analyzed from the perspective of an employer. We’ll present your key skills and relevant experience from the best side. However, we can’t guarantee an employment as you’ll pass the interview yourself and everything depends on you.

We provide a full range of services to help your career including help with Cover Letter writing, writing CVs and resumes from scratch as well as editing, proofreading and formatting.

If you are ready to improve your career and get a perfect Cover Letter or CV, place your order today. Our experts will gladly assist you!

Our approach takes it as a mission to help you on a way to a dream job. We are proud to work with the best career experts and to ensure 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Cover letter help from professionals

Let`s start with some tips regarding cover letter writing. First of all, you can include additional information there that is not suitable for the resume. You can reveal your personal traits and enthusiasm. You need to confirm your interest in the company and explain your match with the demands. It is the time to collect knowledge and achievement into a single whole with the proving evidence. Very often, after analyzing your experience, you can find problems with describing it from the best side. In this case, you need a cover letter help from HR experts. Read on or don`t spend time and contact us to get a letter written by professionals for your requirements.

The structure of the cover letter:

Don’t make the mistake of your peers by making one resume for all companies. Edit before submitting it by removing unnecessary elements.

Tell about your motivation: why you paid attention to the position and why you need this vacancy. For example, you know how to promote development and find a good strategy. Only your opinion, do not spiral into other people’s conclusions. Don’t look for a way to make a lot of money; look for an opportunity to develop; the reader will appreciate this approach.

Justify your value in case of a discrepancy in the vacancy. Don’t be discouraged if some of the data doesn’t match the requests. Write so that after reading the text, you will be invited to interviews, just because of creative ideas, do not miss any opportunity. For those cases where there is little experience, write about the following:

  • you have decided to create a career with a future perspective,
  • take courses for development,
  • there is a desire to learn from professionals,
  • If you need to know a foreign language at a higher level than yours, note that you already know a language school, etc.

From a critic’s point of view, find the best sides. For example, they worked in other countries, studied an additional language, received the title of master, and implemented large projects. Review essential aspects and then write according to the data. For example, you know the language, there was an experience of living in the territory of the country with which the firm leads partners. Great advice if you need CV help.

Assistance with resume and cover letter from successful people

For those who need help with resume and cover letter, we have prepared quality advice from successful people. Remember that you will spend several minutes sending documents, while the recruit will spend several hours selecting suitable candidates, write clearly. Therefore, it is worth investing as much relevant information as possible in a minimum of text. The optimal message size is 1-2 pages; the version not extended; it is several paragraphs in the structure; mistakes should be corrected.

Two types of text are created in the same style, do not deviate from each other, stick to the shape. Only the information that takes place in the article should be indicated, without general phrases. Put your hobbies and preferences aside; there is no need to talk about things that do not make sense. Remove unnecessary words and constructions so as not to complicate perception.

In the future, do not use old information, regularly update it. Everything is in essence and brief, without deviation to unimportant points that do not carry information for those around you. Use keywords in the vacancy text, similar style, wording: you are on the same wavelength, intelligent, find a common language with people, only the best qualities, but without decoration.

In case you are looking for — help me write a cover letter, then contact our specialists. We will gladly assist you in writing cover letter. The order of the test carried out on the site through the order form. After placing an order, a personal account created for you, where you can conveniently work on the order, communicate, pay, exchange files for the job. After placing the order, the writers assess the possibility of performing the task; it’s cost Payment for employment made in two installments. At the first stage, you make an advance payment, on average, 50% of the work’s cost, or part of it. The exact amount of the prepayment to be made will be indicated in your account directly in the castle itself. When you complete the work, you pay the remaining cost of the job.

Find out about resume cover letter help

A qualified resume is a key to a search engine’s success. After all, it is with his assistance that the specialist creates the first impression. Based on the data, the recruit decides whether to meet individually. Through too frequent searches with the words resume cover letter help, we prepare the secrets for hiring.

Remember that dozens of cover letters pass through the recruiter’s hands every day. Therefore, it should be written so that it was comfortable to read by an HR specialist. CV or Curriculum Vitae is the most detailed chronological story about your professional life. All places of study and work, additional education, internships, scientific achievements, publications, awards, practice, achievements — everything must be indicated.

A resume is a small document that collects data on achievements for a period of work. Usually, there are only 3-4 last jobs, competencies, personal skills. It is not superfluous to flaunt work achievements, but that’s all. It is not necessary to describe internships, practice, scientific accomplishments, awards, education indicated as briefly as possible.

The recruiter is continually working with documents. Be sure that he is tired of reading canvases of text that not structured in any way. It is in your best interest to make the materials different from the majority, easy to use. However, it is not always possible to compose a letter yourself, then hurry up to the professional.

When ordering work, you apply directly to the company. At all stages of writing a job in the personal account, communication with the author of the work carried out means of correspondence. All legal relations during the writing of the work will be carried out only with employees. In the event of any claims, you also resolve all issues with them since they legally are the executor of the order. They guarantee customers timely, accurate informing of direct contractors about wishes, requirements, comments during the law’s execution.

Writers often hear — help with writing a resume and cover letter, and never refuse. The complexity of the paper, accordingly, its payment, proceed from the type of work. View the availability of a practical part, its material, nature, deadlines. Recently, this service has been in high demand among those who want to get a good job. To increase the originality of the message, you need to place an order on the main page of the site, indicating the required percentage of uniqueness. Also, do not forget to attach a description of your field of activity.

CV and cover letter help in creating a masterpiece

The documents include a letter of recommendation, resume, diploma, exam results, other things required by the employer. First of all, the manager pays attention to a document called a letter. Do not send texts without this link, because most of all, your candidacy will not be considered.

The cover letter task is to pay attention to why you should work in a company with professionals. The first tip, for those who need a CV and cover letter Help, first, you need to gather as much information as possible about the company. The letter encourages action not only for you but for the reader; he sees that you have expressed a desire to improve your skills with them. Be sure to show that you are interested in their company, and you are knowledgeable in this area.

Help with a cover letter for my resume can be a company that writes different documents to order. If you need high-quality paper for the employer, written by all the canons, taking into account all the requirements, it is worth contacting the assistance of a writing service professional. Experts in their fields with scientific degrees work. Who, if not a candidate or a professor, knows how to properly make a message to order so that it is accepted, reviewed by the manager.

Substantial practical experience in crafting a variety of documents on the subject, leading their owners to the cherished goal, allows the company’s specialists to talk about the knowledge of all the intricacies of difficult work: requirements, construction, formulation, design. If you need assistance with a cover letter for a resume, then the instant execution of the order in the company will provide you with confidence in the resume acceptance, which will undoubtedly be followed by a successful career.

The service is respectful of any order; you will feel your importance, participation in yourself. Help in the service execution means that they help solve problems, not only mindlessly write letters for one format, which employers face every day. They know how to make sure that a person can get into the right company, but they also explain how it did. A detailed explanation, commentary confirm each decision. Writers are interested in working with those customers who want to understand what they are given.

Help with my CV very urgent

Help make a CV with the Help of service to provide document creation services; a master’s paper is always at hand. Whatever you decide: quickly, easily create it yourself with the assistance of a resume designer or order it from our masters — the paper will always stand out among others.

Order help to create a CV or resume optimization:

  • Do you find it challenging to create a resume yourself? Are you just too busy and don’t have time? Then create or optimize a paper with the assistance of a professional.
  • Submit your current paper (or work experience); the writers will compile the document in one of the professional templates.
  • Your content will be worded professionally, clearly, effectively.
  • Within 24 hours, the material will be professionally created or optimized for download from the personal account.
  • A free account on the site allows you to edit the generated file and use all other convenient features.

The concepts of resume and CV do have significant differences; each performs its function. Help with my CV — what words did you search for if you found yourself here?

The CV format is most often used by scholars to describe their career history. Also, the CV describes the experience in chronological order. Attention is paid to each point, representing as much as possible all the details of previous masters’ activity. And although a CV can be created for any profession, this format is most often used by journalists, medical professionals, scientists, to describe their entire career: training, practice, internships, research, publications, and achievements. 

Help me write my CV — these are the words we hear every day, so we provide smart solutions. There is no clearly defined amount of text. Many years of experience and many published works can have a document that can reach even five or more pages. Read advice, learn, develop, the world does not stand still, respond to the technologies of the century. Don`t hesitate to ask professionals for help, we work 24/7 for your convenience!


Need help to go ahead in your career? Our professional experts are ready to help you craft your perfect resume and boost your career now!