How to Craft a Cover Letter Outline: 2021 Job Search Guide

Cover letters prove you are a truly interested job applicant. They can make your career pass much simpler. But, to craft a good cover letter, you need to prepare cover letter outlines. Here we will give you the best cover letter outline for 2021. 

What Things Should a Basic Cover Letter Outline Have?

The outline of a cover letter is always job-specific. Also, it should be simple, clear, and easy to read. Your reviewers should grasp the main messages you want to communicate nearly at once.

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The general outline for a cover letter should, in any case, include the next info:

  1. Your contact details:
    • your full name;
    • your full mailing address (city, Zip code, street, numbers of your house and apartment);
    • your phone/cell phone number;
    • your current email address.
  2. Date of your application
  3. Details of a contact person of your target organization (usually this is a hiring manager or recruiter):
    • name of a contact person;
    • the official title of a contact person;
    • title of your target organization;
    • full mailing address of your target organization.
  4. Salutation (Dear, _______).
  5. The initial part – start with gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this selection process. Briefly outline your motivation with the emphasis on what you can and want to do. It is also a good idea to indicate that you are aware of the company’s activity. Be confident in this paragraph of your cover letter and appear as an interested candidate. A strong opening will always help an employer to hear your voice. Also, indicate your goal – what you want to do for this company. 
  6. The main part should be devoted to your qualifications, skills, and experience. This should not be like in your resume – don’t reiterate it! Tell a story about your profile’s strongest sides and how do such match the specific company’s needs. Any employer looks for candidates that can bring value to a company or project. So, mention here the description of your past performance, career achievements, years of relevant experience, valuable knowledge, or other professional backgrounds that helped you got the experience required for this job opening. If you lack professional experience, don’t underestimate your internships. 
  7. The closing part should contain the restated statement about why they should choose you and a call to action (interview, call, etc.).

A cover letter outline format depends on the requirements of the job posting. If there is no guideline, we suggest you follow the classical approach:

  • Times New Roman or Arial font;
  • 12 font size;
  • 1.5 or double-spaced.

This is only a basic cover letter outline. Take this template and adapt it to your position and career goals. Remember that you should always appear as an expert. Simply express your interest and make each word count. Or just order a professional writer from our cover letter writing service.

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