How To Address Cover Letter [Guide 2021]

Sometimes we postpone writing the important documents just because one of the troubles that pops out at the beginning of this process. Imagine a situation when you have chosen the direction of a letter and decided to write it at last. Here the first difficulty which you need to solve is – how to address cover letter. This is an extremely challenging assignment when you do not have any info about the responsible person’s contacts.

To solve this taught question, we have decided to discuss each of the possible scenarios below due to the fact that there is no chance to help every person with one recommendation. Some may be aware of the name but have trouble with the gender specification; others may not have any information. So let’s deep into this topic!

How Should You Address A Cover Letter When You Are Aware Of The Name Of Responsible Expert?

Such an easy question might also provoke many misunderstandings if you have never written a professional letter before. First, you should follow the formal writing style in such kinds of texts so exclude any casual words like – hi or hey in writing. After reading such an informal phrase, a hiring expert will most likely switch to another candidate rather than continue wasting time on your letter. Just remember that info!

Suppose that you are almost 100 percent assured in the gender of the responsible person and know his/her name. It is the easiest case ever as all you need to do is to insert Ms. or Mr. The most common mistake which can be made here is using Miss, Mrs or Ms in cover letter. You might not be sure of the marital status of the professional you are contacting with to so don’t follow this bad sample of writing Miss or Mrs. Nevertheless, there may be some cases when a hiring specialist has specific preferences and would like to be called Mrs or Miss, in such a way you can safely write it and don’t bother about the circumstances. In all other cases, when you are aware of the full name and gender, the most ideal option is using:

  • Dear Mr. Green;
  • Dear Ms. James.

Writing A Cover Letter Without Knowing The Receiver’s Gender

The most awkward situation might occur when you are aware of the name but still aren’t sure of the gender. This may be extremely embarrassing if you have chosen the wrong title. To avoid such a problematic situation, you’d better skip the title.

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For any unclear situations with gender and name peculiarities, it is recommended to use the following formula: [Dear] + [Full name of the manager]. Here are several samples for you:

  • Dear Shadi Adin;
  • Dear Sam Anders;
  • Dear Drew Green.

As you see, there is no necessity to spend a lot of time to find this particular person on social networking platforms and clarify the data about their gender. Everything can be made within a second; just by following this specific recommendation about how you should address a cover letter when knowing the name, but not gender. 

Who To Direct Cover Letter To When Knowing Professional Title?

Managers who have any professional or academic title have probably spent lots of effort to reach them. So, it will be ideal for you to mention these titles in your cover letter. Such little thing will show your attentiveness to details and characterize you as a better candidate for the position. Among the most common titles which you might found are Dr., Sgt., Prof., and Rev.

You may use standard Mr. or Ms. in this case as well, but adding a proper title is definitely the best possible choice you can make. And one more thing: don’t forget to add “Dear” to the hiring manager’s name. For instance:

  • Dear Dr. Smith;
  • Dear Rev. Taylor;
  • Dear Sgt. Aldridge.       

It is rather understandable that dear Sir/Madam cover letter is not the best choice for a person with an academic title.

How Do You Address A Cover Letter Without A Name?

Probably the most frequent questions are such as: to whom should I address my cover letter when I don’t know the name or what is the process of sending cover letter to an unknown recipient. If you are in this situation right now, when you don’t know how to start your writing, this paragraph will be helpful for you. Just go on reading, and you will be aware of all the title details of this process.

The best possible decision in such a situation is to contact research and find the needed information. This will show how initiative and attentive you are as a candidate for this particular position. You will spend only a couple of minutes on this process, but the hiring manager will definitely notice this small detail.

Here are a couple of resources for you to use when you don’t know who to address cover letter to:

  • LinkedIn. It is probably the most used platform for such kind of purpose. All you need to do is enter the company’s web page and find the hiring manager with the help of filtering. If there are is a couple of people responsible for these, you’d better choose the most senior one and use this information in your letter;
  • Usual Google search. This is the first idea that can appear in your mind while thinking about who you address a cover letter. So, why not use it? Specify the company’s site and the title of the person you are looking for. Most likely, you will get the needed result in a matter of seconds;
  • Official website of the company. Usually, such information can be easily found, on the site. Most of the companies have a specific page “About Us” where you can read about all the managers of this specific organization;
  • If all these three options aren’t working and you still don’t know who to direct cover letter to, there is one more option. You may contact the support team of the company and politely ask for this specific information. Don’t forget to mention something about the purpose of this search, the position you want to apply to, so that you will have more chances of getting this data. In case you have decided to use this method, you can ask for the email address of this hiring manager. In such a way, you will have more chances for success.

Now you know about the most professional method of addressing a cover letter without a name, just a couple of minutes on research, and viola, you have the needed information.

Dear Human Resources – Is It Possible To Insert Such A Salutation?

In case you have followed all the above-discussed recommendations and still haven’t received the needed information. And you are in the situation when you need the best way to address a cover letter with no name. Then here in this paragraph, you will find all the important information relating to this topic.

The first recommendation you need to follow is not to use too stereotypical variants for this purpose. Such a phrase as “Dear Sir or Madam” as well as “Dear human resources” is not the most formal manner of writing. Try to avoid these options.

The best alternative for such a situation is to use standard variants such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or refer this letter to a specific office. Here are a couple of other options for those who don’t know how to address a cover letter to HR without a name:

  • Dear Company ZGT Team;
  • Dear Marketing Department;
  • Dear Financial Department;
  • Dear Company FTR Recruiter.

One important recommendation is to don’t use “to whom it should concern” when writing a cover letter without knowing the receiver.   

Top Rules You Need To Be Aware Of When Addressing Your Letter

Now, when you’ve understood what to do when you address a cover letter to an unknown person and have reviewed a couple of practical samples, let’s proceed to a couple of the other rules you might need to follow.

Try to follow the formal style of writing when referring to the hiring manager. It is recommended to use the person’s full name rather than all these standard unnecessary phrases that show your stereotypes in writing.

The next helpful recommendation is to try to be as specific as it is probably in that particular situation. Suppose you have reviewed an official website of the organization, checked their LinkedIn page, and asked for the hiring manager’s name via support service and still don’t get any results. In that case, most likely, the company keeps this information private. There is no need to waste your time on the searching process any longer. And the question remains – who to address cover letter to when no contact? In this case, you should be specific, mention a department responsible for the hiring process in this particular organization. In such a way, you will show that you have conducted research but didn’t get any result from it.

One more thing to remember is if you have found the information about the heads of different departments, but aren’t sure whom to contact. Then choose the one you are planning to work for, and they will redirect you to the responsible person.

Hope that these advice pieces were helpful for understanding the writing process when dealing with a cover letter unknown hiring manager problem, anyway our cover letter writing service is ready to help!

A Few Things To Review Before Sending Your Letter

  • Double-check spelling and grammar mistakes. For this process’s simplicity, several automatic online programs can help you with this task. Otherwise, you can contact cover letter editing and proofreading services to get this kind of assistance. In such a way, you will get an error-free text for a reasonable sum of money;
  • Before googling lots of phrases such as ‘cover letter how to address without a name,’ you’d better read a couple of samples. There are so many real cover letters to review online that you won’t need any additional explanation after checking them out;
  • Customize the style of your writing. Even applying for different positions in various organizations, you should check this specific firm’s requirements and only then customize the letter. Don’t send the same cover letter again and again. You will just waste your time without any evident results of your acts;
  • Check all the titles and abbreviations that you are discussing in the letter. This factor might be crucial for you. Don’t lose any small detail while working on a perfect letter. You just need to spend a couple of hours on this process in the long run, and then you will adjust the existing text to the required position.

To cut a long story short, the writing process is not as difficult as it might seem at first. So don’t waste any minute and proceed to it. Only a couple of hours of productive work can drastically change your life for the better. You are worth all these opportunities that exist on the market right now. Sooner or later you will find your ideal job.   

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