How To Format Email Cover Letter [Guide 2021]

The times when applications were sent via snail mail have long gone. Nowadays, a cover letter is sent via a specific application form sent by a recruiter or as an attachment by email. Fortunately, the email cover letter format stays the same, so you don’t have to invent anything new or unique if you have never sent a digital application paper before.

In both cases, you should open and end the document with polite sentences, stick to formatting rules, fix all the mistakes and typos, and give a clear explanation of why you are the best candidate.

The only significant difference is that an emailing cover letter format requires a brief but capacious subject line. Below our cover letter writing service will tell you how to format an email cover letter, list all the strengths, and make the hiring person want to land an interview immediately.

The Digital Cover Letter Main Paragraphs

Every day recruiters receive tens or even hundreds of cover letters and resumes. They know all the tricks and mistakes to consider when making up their mind. Plus, many of them use job application software, which scans the document and deletes those that don’t meet the standards before the recruiter reads it. That is why it is so important to stick to a common and professional emailed cover letter format. Below we will tell about each of its elements in more detail.

  1. Subject Line. Start with inserting the title of the position in the subject line. Thus, you’ll make it clear what job you are interested in. Such an approach makes it convenient for the hiring manager to store information and find it with ease.
    Here is an example of a good subject line: Security Manager – Miguel Smith. 
  2. Salutation. Stick to the formal ‘Dear Mr./ Ms. Last Name’. If the recipient is unknown, write Dear Hiring Manager. However, we highly recommend researching the company and finding the recruiter’s name because this will make your cover letter personalized and show that you have spent some time researching the data. 
  3. Body paragraphs. A common digital cover letter format includes main paragraphs where you tell more about yourself and show why a recruiter should choose you. Usually, this section is two-three paragraphs long but not more than one page in total (together with a header and conclusion).

In the first paragraph, you should explain the reason for your writing. Mention the position once again and indicate how you have found the vacancy. If you have a referral, mention this person and leave his or her contact information. A simple email or LinkedIn account would be enough.

The next paragraph should highlight your skills and proficiencies that make you the best match for the position. However, you mustn’t copy and paste data from the resume. Try to relate the job posting requirements to your qualifications. It is also a good idea to discuss the skills which didn’t fit in your resume.

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You should explain how your skills and experience can increase the company’s revenues or help them achieve other goals. If possible, quantify every skill and achievement. For example:

‘When working for the XYZ company, I have created a unique software that helped employees to meet deadlines and complete projects faster. This resulted in higher productivity, better performance, and, thus, increased revenues by 5%. I’ve patented this software and can implement it in your company for the maximum efficiency.’

As you see, this candidate didn’t write something like ‘I have strong technical skills’ but explained what makes him unique and what results he has achieved during his previous work.

The Electronic Cover Letter Format of the Final Parts

Now, when the core competencies and the reasons are indicated, it is the right time to work on the conclusion. It’s an important part of an electronic cover letter format and shows that you are a professional candidate with attention to every detail.

You should indicate that you have attached a resume to a cover letter format email in the final paragraph. Then it is appropriate to show how you’re going to follow up.  But that’s not all! Also the email cover letter format includes a sign-off, which is a polite wrap-up of the document. It should say something like:

Best Regards,

Name and Last Name


Finally, it is the right time to add your contact information to let the recipient reach you in one of the convenient methods. Usually, this part includes the following details:

  • Your name;
  • Street;
  • City, State;
  • Email;
  • Phone Number;
  • LinkedIn account.

Remember, a cover letter is not just a plain text which enumerates points from your biography. It is a business card with a professional font like Times New Roman or Arial and a good flow. Search for examples, be confident, and you’ll surely write a top cover letter.

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