How to Write a Cover Letter [Guide 2022]

A cover letter is a great tool that many recruiters and employers read. Yes, they really read. Even more – some of them pay much more attention exactly to a supporting letter. Why so? This small piece of writing can tell a lot. The foremost thing your future reviewers will notice is the manner of drafting applied for your text. What kind of a candidate do you appear for? This motivation letter will influence the attitude of your future reviewer. So, it is wise to ensure that everything is correct. Here we have collected many useful and tested pieces of advice on how to write my cover letter. Still, let’s begin from the basics first.

What is a cover letter?

There are plenty of samples on the Internet and guidance on how to write a cover letter. If you are still unsure about what is a cover letter and how to draft it, here is an informative description for you.

Any supporting letter deals with certain characteristics, while a CV is about facts of your professional history. Frequently, only a resume is not enough to get your chance to meet personally with a reviewer. Exactly this letter forms the first employer’s impression. 

Avoid underestimating this text. Actually, this is the start of a dialog with the possible employer. For those our readers who prefer clarity most of all, we have a definition. 

Cover letter definition

So, what is a cover letter for a job? You represent here your candidacy before any possible reviewer, usually an HR-manager, and state your:

  • motivation;
  • aspirations; 
  • principal points about your professional history your reviewer should draw attention to. 

This definition will facilitate you to form a clear view of the nature of the supporting letter. To draft it well, let’s start with the major aspects that need to be mentioned in a supplementary letter. 

What to include in a cover letter?

For instance, you have many things to speak about and wonder what to emphasize in your text. Here we have to warn you from telling about everything in a text, even if your professional story is really extensive with many achievements. Be selective.

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Here are the most significant aspects that you have to cover in any way:

  • How your previous experience can meet the requirements this vacancy?

Read the descriptions of a vacancy posting and a profile of this company carefully. If you possess field-specific experience, this can be perfect for telling about such. Notice the most valuable matters a company is searching for and address such in a beneficial manner.

  • What skills necessary for this job do you possess?

Again, companies usually list those competencies and skills reviewers want to see in future employees. So, it is wise to read such lists carefully and identify the most valuable for this vacancy in particular and a company in general. Afterward, emphasize in a text the most appreciated skills you have and illustrate them by giving short examples.

  • What about the motivation for joining an organization?

Consider those aspects that are moving you for applying this job opening. Make yourself aware of the philosophy of an organization that hires. If you share this philosophy, saying about this along with illustrating your motivation can add you bonuses. Simply keep in mind that while speaking about your motivation, you should be enthusiastic but realistic. Avoid speaking about some too general or pathos things. Instead, identify certain goals or expectations this organization has. If you can facilitate the realization of some of them, this can appear as your good advantage.

To draft this text effectively, you should think about any points that can make your candidacy more valuable for this organization. What can you do for an organization you are applying to? Check all statements you want to include by asking this question. Illustrate how you can contribute to resolving any problematic matters this company may have. At this point, we also suggest you avoid phrases that you are a good problem solver. Don’t state, simply describe specific examples you have, and say that you have resolved certain problematic cases. This strategy will be much more convincing than a simple statement about your problem-solving skills. 

Be specific to your company. If it has some certain needs or requirements, you need to address such. You should keep in mind all three mentioned above points while making your best cover letter. Let’s see how to start a cover letter to engage a future reviewer.

How to start a cover letter?

A compulsory start for your supporting text is to indicate a recruiter’s name. Search it in a vacancy description. If this information is absent, you can search for various social media. LinkedIn profiles frequently contain this information. Look through them to find the exact data you are searching for. If a motivation letter is read by an HR’s assistant, still, the HR’s name will signify that you have researched this matter and are a motivated applicant. 

If you are not sure about how to start a cover letter, search job-hunting websites to find good examples. Still, try to draft in your own voice. 

How long should a cover letter be?

In case of uncertainties about how long should a cover letter be, we suggest you make it up to one page only. We understand that you may have a lot to say. You may be a very valuable candidate. Still, try to think from the perspective of a future reviewer who will likely have a lot of applications and not too much time to review each of them precisely. Shorten a motivation letter to leave only the concentrated information about your candidacy. But, if you cannot do anything with shortening a letter, you are free to refer to professional writers for help. They can restate or remove some phrases to make your letter better.

Cover letter tips for effective writing

To help you in making a good cover letter, we have picked for you good cover letter tips:

  • Think about the most appropriate manner of writing

Look precisely through the text of a vacancy posting. What tone and voice it has? If you have a similar manner of writing, apply such for your motivation letter too. It is wise to be appropriate at this point. And always prefer strong formulations to illustrate the expertise you possess.

  • Your cover letter and CV has to be coherent

These documents should not contradict each other in any case. You have to draft your supporting letter in a manner that aligns, strengthens, and expands a CV. 

  • Draft in a story format

This means drafting in a simple narrative style. Imagine you are describing it as to some close person but remain more official. It is wise to draft in a living manner also. To correct a text, apply various tools that ensure the readability of a letter. Amend to make it more convenient for review. This aspect matters. A future reviewer will likely get plenty of applications and daily job responsibilities. Evaluate it from this perspective. What manner of writing will make him/her not to forget about your profile during such daily routine and further? Make yourself distinct among other applicants.

  • Honesty and only honesty

Any dishonesty will reveal, so avoid this point in any case. If you lack the requested skills and expertise, better think about those points that can substitute possible deficiencies and will appear even better. 

  • Make it 100% precise 

Indicate in your text statements about those skills and expertise that are related to your target job. Avoid any distracting statements. If your reader sees one or two excessive statements, he/she can decrease the level of attention to this motivation letter. The principal goal is to draft in a way that can ensure 100% attention to a profile, a positive impression, and further referrals to this application. If you have certain figures that can prove your performance, include such in any case.

  • Your text should be unique

Of course, you may find drafts of similar motivation letters. Still, prevent yourself from preparing the similar one. Make this document about your story and in your own voice. Avoid applying any kind of clichés, for instance, the phrases “I believe”, “To whom it may concern”, and others. Instead, make your voice living.

  • Think about the good visual format 

If this vacancy description does not have any specific formatting requirements, think about the good visual format. This means good fonts, colors, highlighted the most important points. At this point, you may also apply fully or partially the format this company has.

For your convenience, here is a general checklist you may use:

  •  a text is free from any typos and errors;
  •  personal and professional characteristics are balanced in this letter;
  •  this motivation letter is catchy;
  •  it is drafted by using data from the job posting and the organization’s profile;
  •  your cover letter is similar to a story that has a high level of readability;
  •  your text is informative and structured.

Or you are able to use our cover letter editing service.

How to end a cover letter?

If you are wondering about how to end a cover letter, there are working pieces of advice for you. First of all, you briefly summarize the description of a profile. Think about how you can describe yourself in a few phrases. 

Also, your cover letter ending should contain a call for performing actions. Suggest a reviewer to refer to with extra questions, send you a test assignment, conduct a meeting, etc. AS an example, you may request an option to illustrate your motivation by completing a test assignment. 

How to write a cover letter with no experience?

If you are not sure about how to write a cover letter with no experience, avoid becoming desperate. First of all, never apologize because of the lack of experience. This deficiency, if you consider it such, is temporary. But, you should not take a weak position from the first lines. Instead, express your motivation and skills you have. At this point, you may support these statements by providing relevant samples. The commitment to self-education ensures extra bonuses. This will also signify about your capability to grasp fast any new matters, and this is very valuable for juniors. Appear positive and enthusiastic. This attitude is appreciated among employers. Our cover letter writing service is always ready to help!

How to write a cover letter: the example of a structure?

If you are wondering how to write a cover letter, the example of a structure can help you:

  1. Your reference to a reviewer.
  2. Introduction where you catch the reader’s attention from the first lines in a polite manner. To achieve this, emphasize those valuable characteristics a company is searching for in a future employee. Match them with the expertise you possess. For instance, if you want to get a position of a supply chain manager, tell how you managed to ensure certain revenue for the previous organization. Also, in this paragraph, briefly describe a position you intend to get and why.
  3. The main part of a cover letter will be devoted to the experience and skills that align with the indicated requirements. Expand each group in different paragraphs. If you have participated in some projects that present your candidacy as more valuable, you should indicate such for sure. 
  4. The final paragraph where you summarize all information stated before. Also, place in this paragraph a call to action for a reviewer. 

How to write a cover letter in 2022?

If you are confused about how to write a cover letter in 2022, we have suggestions. During the recent COVID-19 challenges, illustrate your dedication to a field and the absence of any desperate mood. Write about any additional online courses or seminars that you have completed. Consider cases when you managed to contribute to your recent place of work in a way that enabled you to preserve or even improve the performance of a firm. Such results can increase chances during the current selection process dramatically. If you have developed non-standard solutions for this purpose, this can be twice good.

As you feel, there is anything difficult with this issue on how to make a cover letter. Be precise to the demands your target company has to address such effectively. We wish you good luck in getting the exact job you are looking for.

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