The T Cover Letter [Guide 2021]

A cover letter is no longer an option – it is a must. Especially if you care deeply about the job offer and want to do everything possible to impress the hiring manager. However, most applicants still don’t know what makes a good cover letter. Should it be one page long? What elements to include? Should I enumerate my experiences once again?

The first and most important rule is simple: your cover letter should be personal and short. Recruiters are looking for candidates with exact matching skills, and they also have to scan hundreds of application documents, so appreciate brief and straight to the point messages.

There are multiple ways to achieve the above, and a T cover letter is one of them. Yes, it takes time to complete, but we assure you that the result is totally worth it!

Let us start with a definition. A cover letter t is a format of an application document that follows a specific structure. Start with drawing a big letter T on your page. If you are using a word processor, create the T using a table tool. This letter’s top line divides the rest of the text with an opening paragraph, while the vertical one – divides your cover letter text into two columns.

That is why sometimes, this format is called a two-column cover letter. Each of the elements has a specific appointment, and below we will tell about them in more detail. You can send a T chart cover letter as an attachment to an email or as a separate document.

How a T Format Cover Letter Looks Like

The t form cover letter consists of three parts:

  • The first section or heading;
  • The middle (body) section where you sum proficiencies;
  • The last section or wrap-up.

The first section, which is situated under the T’s upper line, is the heading of your t format cover letter. Here you introduce yourself and enumerate the reasons why you are interested in the company and the vacancy. It allows showing that you’ve done solid research of the company, know about its corporate culture, and share their values.

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We recommend using fresh language, avoiding clichés, and too general phrases. Use keywords from the vacancy and job-related words.

The second part of your 2 column cover letter aims to demonstrate that you are a perfect candidate for the position. It is the heart of the document, so you should devote much time and consideration to it. Start with making a list of requirements and skills indicated in the job posting in the left column. Choose several most important ones or focus on the requirements you are strong at. On the right, write about your qualifications and back them with results. Thus, your t-style cover letter will show the recruiter that you match their requirements perfectly.

The final section of your t-letter cover letter is also very important because it shows that you are very interested in the position and can’t wait to start working for them. Here is where you can show enthusiasm and motivation. It looks like a summary that ends with a call to action.

However, instead of simply writing that you are good for the position and asking to appoint an interview, try to be creative. Don’t forget to indicate contact information, thank them for spending time reading your table cover letter, and once again indicate that you share the company’s values.

Keep in mind that statistics show that 83% of recruiters are ready to hire a candidate with a good cover letter even if they have a weak resume. And the best way to prepare a strong application essay is to use the T format. Our cover letter writing service can help you to write T cover letter!

Many people get familiar with examples first, and you can also get acquainted with a template before writing your document. We are sure that with proper devotion of time and energy, you will create a flawless cover letter that, together with a resume, will land you an interview!

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