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College Student Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for a college student will add many bonuses during the job searching process or application to any internship/college program if this letter is writer properly. What do we mean by properly? 

For instance, a student will submit one’s application for a junior or assistant position. So, an applicant should present oneself as a person who is appropriate for this role/company/program. The lack of experience should not be considered as some deficiency. This approach will not likely lead to sufficient results. Of course, your text should not be like a teaching cover letter for a college or a college professor cover letter. But, you still have to approach this matter responsibly. Instead, we suggest other tips at this point.

General tips for writing a college cover letter (free template)

You may prepare a good college cover letter if you follow these basic simple tips:

  • Study thoroughly the requirements of a certain program/position. Emphasize the most valuable points you should address.
  •  Reflect on how you should comply with identified requirements. If you feel deficiencies at this point, consider things that can substitute such.
  •  Look for similar examples. You are new here. So, it is wise to look for samples placed on various job-hunting websites. Try to select examples only from reputable sources. Also, look through different guidance that can help in the course of writing. Your task here is to grasp the style in which you should prepare a text too.
  •  Structure a text properly. Outline it and indicate the most valuable statements to indicate in the future supplementary letter. A scheme will be very helpful at this point also. When you prepare this letter, devote a paragraph to one point of view only. 
  •  Write concisely and in plain English. Even when you are an outstanding candidate and have a lot to say, you still should be wise about the volume of this letter. Make it up to 1 page and write briefly. Think at this point from your future reviewer’s perspective, who can get a lot of applications. So, you should talk about all the most significant matters concisely.
  •  Be enthusiastic. It is required to ensure the best result. Positive personalities are frequently successful and can achieve good results. So, make this in your favor.
  •  Use various checkers to ensure the quality of a text. Precisely, you should check spelling, grammar, and punctuation of your text by using different tools and software. Also, it worth checking the readability of your letter by applying various editors. They will help you shorten some lengthy sentences and remove excessive phrases.
  •  Pass the ready letter to somebody for review. Outer feedback can encourage you to make this letter better. But, if you don’t have any competent person for that, you may find professional writers for providing advice or use help of our cover letter writing service.

Apart from these general tips, many specific points should be considered depending on the type of cover letter.

How to write a cover letter for college admission

A cover letter for college admission should be specific to requirements this college has, especially for highly selective colleges. Here are some basic points you may consider:

  • Review carefully the teaching approach and philosophy a college has. If this philosophy aligns with your own vision, you should write in a manner that can illustrate this. Such an approach will represent you as a dedicated applicant and increase the chances of success.
  • Show yourself as a motivating personality. State why you are submitting an application to exactly this college. To perform better at this point, formulate ideas about this matter. They should sound like arguments. Writing in this manner will help you appear as a more mature student. Still, at this point, it is necessary to be moderate. Avoid pathos promises and statements.
  • Emphasize those skills you possess. First of all, you should address your learning and research abilities. At his point, it is necessary to add relevant samples for illustration. You can also indicate your good writing skills. But, the best idea, in this case, is to prove this skill by your own cover letter. 
  • A cover letter for college application should be enthusiastic and polite in tone. Yes, this is important for ensuring a good impression and promoting your distinct features. The members of the admission committees know that positive and enthusiastic people always achieve more. So, they are seeking for this kind of applicant.
  • Emphasize your self-education to add value to your motivation. For instance, indicate about passed additional online courses or seminars.

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Apply these pieces of advice along with general tips mentioned previously. And we have other good suggestions for other types of supplementary letters.

How to write a college internship cover letter (with Example)

A good college internship cover letter has to express your commitment to certain activities this internship is related to. For instance, you may indicate that you have a long-lasting interest in this field. Also, it is better to indicate that you possess those skills that are necessary for this internship.

A college student internship cover letter is also about your personal qualities and attitude. For instance, if you are submitting an application for some kind of internship that requires working with people, you need to express your empathy and good interpersonal skills.

Consider some benefits you may bring to this internship program. List such statements as providing an argumentation of your choice. You will sound like a very mature applicant. Also, write about what kind of experience you want to get. You may think at this point from the long-term perspective. How will you apply this experience in the future? If you have long-standing goals, you can likely to promote this program also. We advise you don’t write about this directly. Simply state about this in a way that can ensure the understanding of your future reader that:

  • you are a prospective candidate
  • this program can become an important stage during your subsequent career path. 

Your future success can also promote this program.
Cover letter for college student sample:

January 29, 2021

Liang Huyang, HR Manager

Electronics Inc.

202 Electronics Drive

Brooklin, SD 57112

Dear Mr. Huyang:

I am writing to express my great interest in pursuing the Sports Management internship with Electronics Inc. I am working toward completing a bachelor’s degree in Recreation/Sports Management, with minors in Psychology and Mass Communications and discovered the position on Handshake. I am eager to add value to Electronics Inc. and am confident my sports management experiences in conjunction with leadership and communication abilities aligns well with the role.

My diverse experiences have aided in preparing me for the sports management intern position at Electronics Inc. For example, while working as the student manager for my University’s recreational volleyball league, I noticed confusion over space scheduling that resulted in reservation conflicts. After sharing my experience utilizing Excel spreadsheets with my supervisor, I was tasked with finding a solution to the issue. I created an Excel spreadsheet for tracking space reservations and trained all student workers on how to use and manage the new system. Within two months we saw a 92% reduction in reservation conflicts. In addition to decreasing reservation conflicts for the University’s recreational sports department, I have further developed my leadership and communication skills through being entrusted to assist in training-in new student workers. I use a collaborative role modeling method to ensure new hires understand what their position entails and ensure University health and safety standards are met. I am very excited to put all that I have learned into action and work alongside

I look forward to speaking with you.


Cheng Intern

College student cover letter for resume/CV

A college student cover letter for resume has its specifics too. Before starting your writing, it is better to prepare your CV in the first turn. The basic college student CV should contain all data about your skills and achievements during the previous studies. This is the basic template you may adapt subsequently to any job opening. And your supplementary letter has to align with your CV order. Here, we also should consider two cases: when you are submitting your application for a college job and for a job in a company.

A cover letter for a college job should contain your commitment to applying for this job and an explanation of your possible contribution. If this is applicable, describe what points you can improve and clarify your suggestions. Additionally, it is important to state that you will have enough time for this job and for implementing these ideas. Try to think from the perspective of your possible reviewer. You should always make well-grounded statements. Explain what skills and experience do you want to get after completing this job. This way, you will appear more mature.

A college graduate cover letter should be specific to a job opening that a company offers. Indicate first the exact title and contact details of your target company. Also, indicate to whom this text is addressed to.

As a rule, graduates apply for junior job openings. So, read carefully all requirements this company has. Even if you see in a vacancy posting statement about understating that you are a fresh graduate, it should not distract you. Instead, present yourself as an eager applicant. You should appear as a person who already possesses valuable skills that can help to gain the required experience easier and faster. Be specific in this case and provide examples. For instance, you acted as a tutor. This can signify your good background, ability to learn, and good interpersonal skills.

If you have significant achievements gained during your studies, tell about such. Perfectly, if they align with a job you are applying to. But, if they only partially match it, there is no need to refuse from such. Instead, think about what skills and conduct these achievements can prove.

For instance, if you are submitting an application for an opening in a newspaper, you may indicate about your good writing, and editing proficiency, how many manuals and books concerning writing you have read, what tools do you use to edit any text, and you may also tell about those articles you have already.

To help your future readers, you may emphasize the most significant points of your text. This will also signify from the beginning about your professional and responsible approach. Also, consider this paper as your chance to form the first impression. Communicate with a hiring manager in a living but professional manner. Make suggestions about completing a test assignment, passing an interview. This can signify your motivation and ensure extra bonuses.

Oh, and the last thing that potentially can facilitate your work is describing briefly any proposals and suggestions you may have. If you are aware of how to improve certain things in the field where a target company operates, write about such. This will indicate your great commitment. If you even have some articles about these proposals or prizes for the results of your work that was related to these proposals, you should indicate about such for sure.

A recent college graduate cover letter should express your positive attitude towards this experience, your motivation for studies, and possible long-lasting cooperation. If you present yourself as a purposeful person, you always have more chances of success.

How to ensure a cover letter aligns with a college student CV

If you have prepared a ready draft of your supporting letter but see that is incoherent with your CV, we suggest you this simple advice. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. One should be for your competencies and other – for the demands of your target company. Make links between such. When you have these pairs, you can write about each one in your supplementary letter. If you see that some requirements left, develop proposals that can substitute the lack of required expertise.

Drafting a supporting letter for a student can be challenging. So, there is no need to de desperate if you have faced certain difficulties. Professional writers will always assist you in resolving them.

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