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Medical Assistant Cover Letter (with Samples)

A medical assistant is a healthcare worker that helps doctors and other medical professionals with routine tasks and procedures in clinic settings. They usually keep performing administrative duties, answering phone calls and email correspondence, filling in insurance documents, skipping an appointment journal, and recording the patients’ medical history. This is why these medical workers should be experienced in modern documenting programs and database systems. What is more, medical assistants run general tests, perform different therapeutic procedures, prepare patients, and hospital wards?

You cannot turn into a professional medical assistant overnight. This type of work is more than 9 to 5 routine, and it is a vocation. Only a person dedicated to helping people 24/7 every day has chances to become a real professional.

Despite personal characteristics, each medical assistant should have relevant education that can be acquired through an accredited program in post-secondary educational entities such as colleges, technical institutions, or even online educational programs. Training for medical assistance usually takes around a year or to be completed.

The last but not least point is that a real professional should know how to present her/himself properly. Because no matter how good you are, if you fail to make a positive impression, you will hardly get a job in the healthcare system. Properly approached medical assistant cover letter for externship will not only help you to elaborate on your working experience but will also give you an opportunity to promote your special qualities and skills that make you stand out in the candidate pool.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Examples

Use our medical assistant cover letter examples to create your perfect self-presentation.

[Your name, phone, email, LinkedIn page]

[The employer’s name, 

company address, 



Dear Hiring Manager, 

I would like to introduce myself as an applicant for the Medical Assistant vacancy I found on the … website. I have relevant x-year experience in the position of MA to the surgeon in … and all the necessary skills and working habits that correspond to the candidate requirements listed in the position description.

I have extensive experience in administrative task performance. Thanks to my initiative, we performed a complete restructuring of our client database, which increased the efficiency of the clinic’s paperwork by 15%. During my 2-year work, I have also acquired expertise in some therapeutic procedures, such as X-Ray therapy and surgery assistance.

I am looking forward to discussing the details in person in the interview.

Thank you for my candidacy consideration.


[Your name]

[Your signature]

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Samples For Candidates With No Experience (Free Template)

The candidates without experience may use the following medical assistant cover letter template:

Dear Hiring Manager, 

I am a senior-year student in … that is not experienced in the job yet but has a huge desire to work and develop. I am a hard-worker with a great heart that wants to make people’s lives healthier and happier.

During my studies in the current workplace, I have found my real vocation – people care. This does not only work for me, and it is the whole sphere of life in which I would like to develop as professional and more important as a human being. Thus, I would like to begin my career path in your dynamic team of professionals. I find this job opportunity not only rewarding but also very interesting and challenging.

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I would be grateful if we could discuss the details in person in the interview.

Thank you for my candidacy consideration.

How To Do A CV Cover Letter For Medical Assistant?

You can use our medical assistant cover letter samples to build your own self-presentation. However, we recommend you to go more personal and concentrate on your personal strengths and practical skills. Mention in your cover letter for medical assistant student your:

  • Education and Certificates;
  • Specific accomplishments on the previous workplace;
  • Working responsibilities you’ve dealt with;
  • Volunteering experience;
  • Passion for healthcare work;
  • Character traits that make you a perfect fit for the position, such as stress resistance, flexibility, politeness, helpfulness, etc.

In order to make your medical assistant resume cover letter appealing and well-organized, follow the general writing instructions:

  • Research your potential employer’s company and use the information in your cover letter;
  • Write only important and relevant data in the cover letter. Avoid senseless details and personal information.
  • Divide your entry-level medical assistant cover letter into three sections. Introduction to specify the position you are interested in, cover letter main body to elaborate on your professional accomplishments and personal traits, and conclusion to thank the employer for consideration and express readiness for a face-to-face interview.
  • Express your dedication to helping people within the healthcare system and demonstrate readiness to work hard to develop in the workplace as a professional.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

The candidates with an impressive education and track record in the CV and cover letter look very competitive in every working sphere. However, a good CV is not always a key to every employer’s recognition. There are certain companies that are interested in developing their own professionals rather than hiring from other companies, and there are some that put emphasis on the candidate’s personalities and not the CV. To attract attention, it is necessary to begin from the very start – the assistant cover letter. 

How To Do A Cover Letter For Medical Assistant That Will Make Your Candidacy Interesting For The Employer?

Organize your medical assistant cover letter with no experience in such a way that will place you on the same level as the experienced workers. If you don’t have any experience in the workplace, write about the following things or use our cover letter writing service.

Student Activity

Include the information on the seminars, co-workings, master classes, and extracurriculars that you have taken part in and that are relevant for the position.

Volunteering Experience

Mention your volunteer work, if there is any to show that you do care about the well-being of others and are willing to help.

Your Personality Traits

Write about character traits and basic medical skills that you have already experienced that are helpful and that make you a perfect fit for the job. Write about your dedication to work and readiness to grow and develop.

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