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.NET Developer Resume

The roles and responsibilities of a .NET developer resume directly depend on the role of the specialist in the company. Who is a developer in general, and what is expected of him? Taking the role of a web developer, the person working in this position is one of the main keys in the smooth operation of all links in the company chain. What the developer does is organize the work of processes from the very beginning of the project launch, maintains the life of all working platforms, and also eliminates any problems that arise here. One of the most challenging jobs, this job requires a unique and professionally described experience in your .NET developer resume.

Given the fact that this particular paper is the “face” of the specialist, you must make sure to present yourself from the right angles. As a rule, having a good sample resume for experienced .NET developer, about half of the specialists are able to independently describe their work experience and write the correct paper. But from our own experience, we assure you that using professional resume writing services is one of the best investments in your future career. It is the CVs written by our authors that have helped dozens of specialists to get an ideally suitable job position in the company of their dreams.

Expectations of Companies From the .NET Developer

At this stage of technology development, one of the most demanded professions is the profession of a developer. If you try to get acquainted with the available vacancies, then you will notice that almost every existing company suffers from a shortage of qualified specialists in this particular field. 

From our experience with companies, we can tell you that quite often, talented developers go unnoticed precisely because of the poor quality dot net developer resume. As a result, companies do not have the opportunity to clearly understand which specialist applied for a given position and, accordingly, do not evaluate him as a potential candidate. In this case, the chance is missed, and the company and the specialist himself do not have the opportunity to develop. Every time we describe the .NET developer resume example for our clients, we do our best to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate’s skills and empower them to create a better quality paper. 

The big deal here is understanding the importance of an individual approach. For example, understanding the basic requirements of paper formation, we clearly know the difference between c# net developer resume and a resume that characterizes a specialist competent in similar programming languages. 

By studying the requirements of each company, we are able to find an individual approach to describing the professional abilities of our clients. Note that you are also free to check out the .NET developer sample resume here for a better understanding of common standards for valid paper.

Examples of .NET Developer Resume and Responsibility of This Paper

As we mentioned earlier, With the right paper, you can easily master the right position in the company. Professionals with experience in applying can tell you how important it is to have a correct resume and how much it can make a difference in your career. Here is a vivid .NET developer resume sample from a real case of one of our clients: already having several years of experience in a large corporation, this developer was faced with a situation when it became necessary to change jobs. Without a resume before, he needed to create a paper for submitting an application.

Having made the decision to create a resume on his own, the developer took an example as a basis and described his qualifications as he thought it would be correct. But for several months, I have not received a single response to my applications. After he hired our specialists to find out what the problem was, we found out that the developer managed to gain experience in working with:

  • .NET web
  • .NET core
  • .NET UI
  • .NET Windows application
  • Azure
  • SQL

The mistake he made was a very short mention of this experience and the fact that he acquired this knowledge in a couple of years. Having changed the resume drastically and indicating that it is a .NET developer resume for 2 years of experience, we won 3 interviews within one month. This is a prime example of how the right presentation of information can change the perception of an HR specialist in the department. 

With even a .NET developer resume for 1 year of experience, we know the specifics of paper drafting depending on your professional path. Note that the .NET developer resume for 5 years experience differs from entry-level and is often more difficult to describe. Knowing such subtleties will not be a difficult task to distinguish you from other applicants. Check out what your resume should look like depending on your experience, and contact us when you decide that starting a dream career is your goal.

Entry level .NET developer resume sample

Ioanna Rade

IRade [email protected]



As an entry-level developer, I managed to get 1 year of hands-on development experience while studying at university. Working on 5+ .NET web projects, I got acquainted with the standards for performing both basic and more complex development tasks. Each of the projects that I and my team have worked on has received high reviews from users.

Work experience

CBRE Group

Practicing developer

Sept 2020 – Dec 2020


  • Collaboration in a team on a product software improvement project. 
  • Learning the principles of working with the .NET web. 
  • Application of knowledge in HTML, C, and C+ acquired at the university. 
  • Development of non-standard ways of solving daily problems. 
  • Increase the working speed of the system by 15% by the end of the quarter.


  • 2015-2016 Texas IT preparatory college of exact sciences

Completed an introductory course on familiarization with the basics of IT and development prospects.

  • 2016-2020 Texas Tech University

Bachelor’s degree in Design and Web Development.


  • Hard skills: knowledge of the basics of web development, working knowledge and working with .NET web, teamwork with azure, strong knowledge of HTML, C and C +. 
  • Soft skills: resilience to stress, the ability to apply theoretical knowledge, the ability to work in a team, a creative approach to completing tasks, adherence to the time frames of projects.


Participate in volunteer life and help develop a website for collecting donations for animals in shelters. Beneficial impact: increase in cash flow to the company by 30% due to the availability of the necessary tools. 

Passion for active sports and spending time with colleagues and friends. 

Playing the piano as a way to relax.

Junior .NET developer resume sample

Isaak Reight

[email protected]



Developer and practicing .NET core specialist with over 2 years of development experience. Having the basic concepts of working with the .NET UI, I have the opportunity to work on more complex projects that require deeper professional involvement. Having studied a number of programming languages ​​such as C, Java, as well as having knowledge of the SQL database, I am able to move on to more complex projects.

Work experience

Duke Energy

.NET Developer Intern.

June 2020 – Sept 2020


  • Study and practical application of development fundamentals. 
  • Working with experienced specialists in a team, finding ways to solve problems. 
  • Drawing up a final report on the acquired practical knowledge.


Junior .NET developer

Nov 2020 – Oct 2021


  • Working on a project based on the .NET core. 
  • Acceleration of the processing of incoming data by artificial intelligence. 
  • Fixing errors after starting a startup. 
  • Monitoring and reporting the progress of the project.


2015 – 2020 Louisiana State IT University

Master’s degree in .NET development.


  • Hard skills: strong proficiency and deep knowledge of ASP.NET MVC, SQL, and .NET core. Basic knowledge in C, C +, Java, and Objective-C. 
  • Soft skills: confidence in starting new projects, high ability to communicate between team members to achieve common goals, the ability to quickly find ways to create solutions to problems, stress resistance.


Study of scientific articles and trends in the world of IT technologies as a source of inspiration for further projects. Active sports on weekends as a way to keep your body and mind in good shape. Help in developing websites for start-up companies.

Senior .NET developer resume sample

James Brian

brian [email protected]



Taking part in the conversion from MFC/MC ++ to C+ I gained the experience necessary for a specific position in the company. Having an understanding of WPF with TDD, I have the opportunity to develop dialogs. Having an understanding of working with the .NET Windows application, I will be useful as a specialist for solving current important tasks.

Work experience

Humana Group

.NET developer 

Sept 2016 – Oct 2018


  • Maintenance of operation of ASP.NET, HTML, and SQL. 
  • Development of a global product based on the .NET core among one of 11 developers participating in the project. 
  • Help in the global migration of company data in connection with the move.


Senior .NET developer

Nov 2018 – Aug 2021


  • Monitoring the performance of existing IT products and developing new tools to optimize the work of the company. 
  • Development of new company products based on JavaScript and Python. 
  • Elimination of global problems in the work of applications and completion of individual functions connecting the client and the company.


2011 – 2016 Louisville IT University, Kentucky

.NET Development Master’s Degree.


  • Hard skills: knowledge in SQL server and Entity Framework Core, experience using C# and .NET 5, experience using Git, 5 years’ commercial experience.
  • Soft skills: the ability to quickly perceive and recreate information in the project, a high efficiency factor, the ability to conduct a dialogue for a better understanding of how to improve the workflow for yourself and your team, the ability to work regardless of the surrounding circumstances.


Passion for reading fiction, organizing events for the purpose of self-development, and obtaining new useful emotions. A weekly visit to the pool to maintain physical activity.

.NET full stack developer resume sample

Andrew Brian

[email protected]



Having experience of using Good OO practices and Continuous Integration I am capable of improving internal technical practice and processes, including identifying relevant and new technologies. Contribute to Open Source projects and Good OO practices. Passionate about a deeper study of platforms, I have the ability to bring new opportunities for the company. The presence of a non-standard vision of tasks helps in the development and support of software, which will be useful at many stages of work.

Work experience

AXA Avanssur

Junior .NET developer

Sept 2013 – Dec 2014

UnitedHealth Group

Senior .NET developer

Febr 2015 – May 2017

Cigna Health Insurance

Full stack .NET developer

June 2017 – Aug 2021


2008 – 2013 New York Institute of Technology

Master’s Degree in Computer Science


  • Hard skills: Experience in .NET Core 3.1, Agile software development processes understanding, Knowledge, and experience with: JavaScript, Electron.NET, Azure DevOps, HTML 5, CSS, CI, Dependency Injection, WPF/XAML, Caliburn.Micro, ASP.NET Core.
  • Soft skills: Rapid learning to new, previously unknown processes, Ability to take control of the team’s work and lead to results despite a short time frame, the ability to quickly visualize the necessary processes and develop a plan in accordance with expectations, loyalty to team errors and the ability to correct difficult situations.


Participated in the development of a volunteer fundraising platform for people affected by the Texas earthquake. 

Attending professional development courses every year. Participation in IT conferences to exchange professional experience with specialists of all levels.

Weekly visit a sports club and participate in amateur competitions. Passionate about anime and learning Japanese.

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