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Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Sample

As you know, nowadays, a cover letter is of paramount importance in a job application process. Prior to reading a resume, an HR manager reads the cover letter to make a decision if it’s worth to read other documents. From your cover letter, persuade the employer that you are an awesome candidate for the position. Make your cover letter brief and convincing, state relevant skills, broad experience, qualifications, and other strengths that make you a beneficial job applicant and a promising assistant.

Applying for the position of a nursing assistant, concentrate on the things that can interest your possible employer.  Mention relevant education or certificates, everything that concerns the vacancy you apply for. In your nursing assistant cover letter, specify duties that included blood pressure testing, helping patients to take care of themselves, cleaning the house. Specify that you are fit and possess communication skills because your position requires a lot of patience and stamina.

Free typical nursing assistant cover letter examples

When you apply for a job position, and you do not have the slightest idea of how to write a resume or a cover letter, you will find a lot of free examples on the internet. Well-written nursing assistant cover letter examples will encourage you to write a professional cover letter able to capture the attention of your employer.

Amanda Melfis


[email protected]

Dear Mr. Brandor,

Being an experienced Nursing Assistant, I provided the necessary care to various patients. I am glad to send you my enclosed resume, where I indicate my qualifications and experience. I think I might be a part of your care team and make a considerable contribution to the work of your hospital, providing care to elderly residents.

I am a certified nurse and have graduated from the Nurse Assisting Program. For several years my duties included assisting patients with their daily tasks, cleaning the house, monitoring blood pressure, and improving their quality of life.

I suppose that such qualities as empathy, consideration, and the ability to change greatly helped me in my work. I am fit, follow a healthy lifestyle, and it helps me to perform my duties well.

Please, read the attached resume.  Feel free to discuss my qualifications and skills. If you contact me via phone or email and I would be glad to hear from you.

Best regards,

Amanda Melfi’s

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Useful tips on how to write a cover letter for a nursing assistant position (Free Template)

Below you will read important tips on how to write a cover letter for nursing assistants. It’s possible to order it from a service or write to yourself. In case you make up your mind to write your cover letter yourself, have a look at excellent free nursing assistant resume cover letter samples on our website. When you start writing a cover letter for assistant in nursing job, remember that your goal is to produce a positive impression upon the HR manager and get invited to an interview. Follow our simple advice to achieve your goal.

  • Produce a favorable first impression. When you write a greeting, write the name of the HR manager. Search for it over the internet or call the facility and find out. Choose an appropriate layout, template, and format the CV correctly.
  • Underline your better qualities such as tact, compassion, friendliness. The job demands a high level of empathy and interpersonal communication skills as you will help elderly people live their life with self-respect in spite of their vulnerability.
  • Find more details about the facility you apply to write how you might be useful or how you might help. If you do it, you will differ from other job applicants.
  • End the cover letter with a covert call to action keeping in mind that your employer must become interested and invite you for a job interview.

Best strategies to write a successful nursing assistant cover letter no experience

Not all people who apply for a job have experience. Some of them are at the beginning of their career; others have just decided to change their occupation. To write a nursing assistant cover letter, no experience might seem a challenge, but the goal of the cover letter is the same. In fact, if you have no experience, your cover letter will be much the same as a cover letter for nursing assistant with experience, but you will have to pay more attention to your skills and personal characteristic relative to the job opening.

From nursing assistant cover letter templates on our website, you can easily pick the most appropriate and take it as a basis for writing your cover letter. If you use our cover letter writing service, your cover letter for resume nursing assistant will bring hoped-for results.

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