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Personal Assistant Cover Letter Sample

An applicant interested in getting a new job should not only be able to correctly draw up a resume. It is better when they make it complemented by a good cover letter, also written correctly, without unnecessary details.

Usually, the cover letter for a personal assistant position comes to HR’s eyes first. This short semi-formal document really adds to the chance when applying for a job. While your CV simply enumerates your professional accomplishments, the cover letter explains and adjusts them to the job description. If you want to successfully ‘sell’ yourself in the labour market, take writing the personal assistant resume cover letter seriously.

A personal assistant is a worker that provides administrative support for the managerial staff, usually on the one-to-one principle. The general responsibilities of this position include:

  • Dealing with correspondence and calls;
  • Working with database and Word Documents;
  • Organizing the manager’s travels, meetings, and appointments;
  • Keep the manager’s records and working schedule;
  • Preparing reports and printing out the necessary documents;
  • Many other different tasks, depending on the sphere of work.

The position of personal assistant presupposes great commitment and dedication to work, as their work directly affects the working effectiveness of the manager and the whole team in general. They can’t delegate their responsibilities to someone else, which makes them irreplaceable co-workers and poses a demanding challenge for them. To apply for a personal assistant, a candidate should possess a unique combination of character traits and practical skills and successfully illustrate them in their entry-level personal assistant cover letter. He or she should, first of all, be:

  • Highly organized;
  • Flexible;
  • Responsible and ready to learn; 
  • Stress resistant and multitasking;
  • Communicable and friendly.

What is more, a PA should be skilled in using different office computer software. While this position is open for any kind of graduate, a degree in business or marketing may increase the chances of a candidate to get a job. Indeed, practical skills and experience are usually considered more important than a degree, and this is why a cover letter for personal assistant role is crucial.

Personal Assistant Cover Letter Examples

There are dozens of standard personal assistant cover letter examples on the Internet. They are different in design, style, and content. However, we recommend using the classical one not to distract the manager’s attention to something unimportant. 

How To Write A Cover Letter For Personal Assistant Position? (Free Template)

[Your name, phone, email, LinkedIn page]

[The employer’s name, 

company address, 


and email]

Dear Hiring Manager, 

I would like to introduce myself as an applicant for the Personal Assistant vacancy I found on the … website. I have relevant 5-year experience in the position of PA to the general manager in … and all the necessary skills and working habits that correspond to the candidate requirements listed in the position description.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the company where I currently work is not able to provide me with the opportunities for development and professional growth. This is why I find it interesting and rewarding to become a part of your ever-growing team of professionals.

You can find more information on my working experience in the CV attached below. 

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Looking forward to discussing the details in person in the interview.

Thank you for my candidacy consideration.


[Your name]

[Your signature]

How To Write A Cover Letter For Personal Assistant?

  • Start your best cover letter for personal assistant job with a well-organized cover letter header that includes your and the employer’s contact information and the date;
  • Use proper salutation. You may use Mr./Mrs. If you are sure that your contact is male or female, or you may resort to the widely used ‘Dear Hiring Manager’;
  • Write what vacancy you are applying for in the introduction;
  • Describe the relevant experience, and if there isn’t any, describe your skills and personality traits that are required to be successful in this position. Explain why your experience and competencies will allow you to work successfully;
  • Explain why you are interested in this job;
  • State that you would like to discuss details during the interview. Then thank the employer for the consideration of your cover letter;
  • Leave your name and signature;
  • If the employer mentions the need for a portfolio in the vacancy requirements, add a note with links to your work in the personal assistant cover letter.

Cover Letter For Personal Care Assistant With No Experience

The cover letter for executive personal assistant from a candidate with extensive experience and additional qualifications looks very complete and attractive. However, it often happens that a job seeker sees a vacancy that does not match his experience and skills. However, the person is sure that he will cope with the proposed job. Most often, these are yesterday’s university graduates who have no experience by definition that faces such a problem. So, how to write a cover letter for a personal care assistant with no experience?

Well, if you cannot impress the employer with your practical experience, then specify other information that may interest the employer and convince them to opt for you. Our cover letter writing service is ready to help you in this task!

Use our short personal assistant cover letter sample and customize it to your personal strengths.

“I have recently graduated from university with a degree in Economics. I don’t have much work experience yet, but there are other quality advantages that make me stay out and become a nice fit for the position. I am very organized and disciplined. At the university, I was the head of the group and was always in charge of finance and budget. During my university practice at …, I worked as an assistant economist, after which received positive recommendations.

I have a sensible approach to job search, so I agree with the position of an assistant or trainee, as the most important for me in a job is to have the opportunity to grow and develop.”

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