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Teaching Assistant Cover Letter (Samples Included)

When you seek a job of your dream in the modern classroom, you need to ensure that besides a great resume, you own a striking teaching assistant cover letter. A paper that applicants attach to resume trying to demonstrate them as the most suitable candidacy for a particular position is a must. It should focus the attention of the hiring manager on all qualifications and be close to the requirements added to the job posting. 

Learn the way to write a cover letter for teaching assistant

Preparing of cover letter for a college teaching assistant requires time and knowledge. If it is the first time you are trying to do it, them mind what you should add to a winning letter:

  • Salutation. You need to mention the name of the manager if you know it. Add the current date and address. If it is an email letter, you need to add an email address along with the phone number. 
  • Main body. Here you need to specify the aim of application, tell more about yourself and your personal qualities.
  • Second paragraph. Put a crucial asset to cover letter for special education teacher assistant, which makes you a perfect candidate for a particular job position. 
  • Closing paragraph. Thank managers who hire employees for time. Follow the general style and be polite. Also, mention the way you are going to follow up.

Aside from the proper structure, the cover letter of the teaching assistant must have a proper format before sending it to an email or post. An email should include your name and job title. Do not forget to check it carefully. You probably do not want the manager to miss your email because of the wrong format or any other careless mistakes.

Explore teacher assistant cover letter example

Now you know how to write a cover letter for a teaching assistant. But theoretical knowledge incredibly differs from actual writing. Some people may mix up this cover letter with graduate assistant cover letter. So we propose to have a look at teacher assistant cover letter examples to learn the idea better.


Jake B. Closon


[email protected]

Dear Hiring Manager

I am writing to express my interest in the teacher helper’s position that I saw at I will be pleased to demonstrate my best skills and gain new ones. Every student at school requires an individual approach, and I am interested in creating an inspiring environment in the classroom. Motivating young people is my priceless asset. 

I have worked with middle and elementary school teachers, camp directors, and other specialists to reveal the potential of every student. Additionally, I am good at working in Microsoft Office, taking photos, and creating winning projects. 

Thank you for the time you spent on considering my application. I hope you will find my resume suitable for the job you offer at school. I would like to meet you in person and tell more about each of my skill that I think will be of great help for the teacher and every student in the classroom. 


Jake B.Closon

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This sample teacher cover letter will give you some good ideas as to what you need to include within your letter as well as the format and layout that you should use. Our teacher cover letter samples are also here to demonstrate to you the services that we can offer. Our higher degree qualified and experienced writers have written these cover letter samples for teachers and can write your highly specific cover letter.

They work with you through our cover letter writing service to understand your strengths as well as your future plans; they then combine this information with their inside knowledge of where you are applying to create a compelling and highly focused letter rather than using generic sample cover letters for teachers.


Ashley Williams


[email protected]

Dear Principal Jones

Being a teacher takes more than just showing up in the classroom and attempting to teach the students specific curriculum every day. Over the past 3 years, as an elementary school substitute teacher in your district, I have learned the importance of being involved and personally vested in the lives of the students. I have worked with inspiring teachers who go the extra mile to provide the best possible education and resources to students. I have also worked with teachers who show up for class and check out when the bell rings.

I desire to be one of the magnificent teachers that goes above and beyond to facilitate an extraordinary learning environment for my students. Having been a substitute of all elementary grades, I feel the most comfortable with grades K through 2. Thus, when I saw the district posting for a 1st grade teacher at Crestline Elementary, I felt instantly excited to apply. I have subbed in your school on multiple occasions, and have enjoyed working with the staff and the students.

Although there are currently three open elementary teacher positions in the district, I am excited to be considered at Crestline because all of the teachers and staff love what they do. I have not worked with a single staff member at Crestline who has not gone above and beyond to ensure a positive learning environment for each student. The support staff and administrative staff at Crestline are phenomenal. Thus, I am excited to be considered for the 1st grade teacher position at Crestline Elementary.

During my time as a substitute teacher for the district, I have enjoyed learning about the chosen curriculum, class schedules, and learning tools used to teach the students. During college, I was fortunate enough to work with an organization that helped students struggling with academics by offering free tutoring services. As a volunteer tutor, I gained many skills and experiences to help students struggling with learning disorders and environmental stressors and distractions. Thus, between my volunteer experiences and my experience as a district sub, I know I am ready to offer an excellent classroom environment to the 1stgrade class at Crestline. I thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to speaking with you further about this position.



Tips on writing teaching assistant cover letter no experience (Free Template)

Not every job-seeker has a previous practice that he/she can put into application letter. The text of such paper will differ. These useful tips will help you create an excellent assistant teacher cover letter no experience:

  • Choose the style and format of text in email or post before starting to craft it.
  • Mention your crucial skill, and other qualities that will help understand you are suitable for the required position
  • Do not write that you didn’t learn anything before. Avoid talking about things that you are missing.
  • Teaching assistant cover letter no experience should focus on requirements that are listed in the text of the vacancy. Show that you can meet all of them and that you will be a great asset to the school. 
  • Proofread your email or post text several times. Make sure it doesn’t include any errors or confusion. 
  • Look at cover letter sample for teaching assistant, compare it with your paper.



[Phone Number]


Dear [Hiring Manager name]

I saw the [where you have found the vacant position] that you are eager to hire a helper for the teacher. With my in-depth knowledge of [tell about your previous experience] I think I am a perfect candidate to work at your school. Consider some essential qualifications proving that I:

  • [list your skills].

Also, I am [add some information about your special skills and knowledge]. I am sure I will make a crucial contribution to the learning process and become a real asset to the staff. 

I will get in touch with you [indicate the date] to schedule a personal meeting. Please contact me [phone number] if necessary.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


[Applicant’s name] 

As you can see that it is possible to approach managers who hire helpers with or without previous practice. You need to show your strong desire to inspire every student for new gains and the ability to support all his/her ideas. If chief understands this, your chance that they will hire you to grow incredibly. 

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